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Powerful and Smart OSS Platform for Wireline & Internet

Excellence in Service Fulfillment

To fulfil today’s marketing strategies in the internet and wireline domains, service provisioning plans require advanced and easily-configurable service fulfilment policies. These policies should rapidly execute and modify complex operations toward the service-enabling elements, and at the same time interact with IT systems effectively.

S-One Smart OSS™, the convergent service provisioning platform, responds to the aforementioned challenge by enabling ISP & fixed operators to introduce new, fast-time-to-market services across multi-vendor networks and multi-technology IT infrastructures.

S-One Smart OSS™ allows activating any service type by supporting off-the-shelf integration with external OSS / BSS systems, through:

1. The most well-known northbound interfaces (e.g. Web Services and XML/JSON, CORBA, OSS/J, JMS and J2EE).
2. Single or bulk service provisioning mode.
3. Service-agnostic workflow engine (including transactional mechanisms), for the design and development of complex business logic.
4. A rich library of ready-made network interfaces and protocols.

Optimizing Network Data Integrity

It is common for Internet & Wireline Communication Service Providers to maintain various sources of network information. However, most of them are populated, synchronized and maintained manually, leading inevitably to inconsistencies between the “as-perceived” and the “actual” views of the network. This eventually leads to poor network data integrity and imposes costly consequences such as ineffective use of network assets, revenue leakage and inefficient network planning.

Designed to control, manage and monitor convergent and multi-vendor networks, S-One Smart OSS™ shields the integrity of network data by providing all the necessary tools to automatically maintain the actual network view.

The S-One Smart OSS™ Discovery platform:

  • Discovers physical and logical network information, either from management systems or directly from Network Elements (NEs)
  • Stores collected information in an internal database using vendor-neutral information models
  • Assimilates stored information to correlate service data and assemble end-to-end logical services
  • Compares findings with existing information repositories to identify discrepancies in network views
  • Resolves discrepancies either automatically, based on preconfigured rules, or manually through graphical tools
  • Regularly monitors the state and configuration of network assets and services through graphical user interface and reports